About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Yigitcan Sener. I define myself as a passionate, goal oriented and logical person. I have dreams those will become goals. I dedicate my life to achieve those goals at the right time and at the right place. And without a doubt, happiness is the ultimate goal.

I built a career on the following four fundamentals.

  • Computer science and programming
  • Artificial intelligence and smart technologies in real life applications
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Dev. Team Management

My greatest achievement is the Emotion Aware Music Composer AI (Cevelyn). I designed a solid architecture to handle both GPU intensive deep learning processes and CPU intensive SaaS web app processes. I created a clean and domain driven architecture that allows me to replace any component at any time I want without any off-days or troubles. I followed the light of the Microservice architecture to maximize the uptime and performance rate of the platform. (also who has time and money to manage and maintain a giant monolithic app)

Novadays, I work with .Net Core framework and Docker technologies to develop microservices on AWS and/or Azure. On my spare time, I am trying to build my version of a crypto-currency trader AI (like all other AI enthusiasts). His name is "Crypfort". I give him a dollar to go nutz time to time. While he spoils all his money in the market, I'm having much fun and improving the AI with the hope of hitting the jackpot someday.

Software Architecture

AI & Machine Learning

Back-end Development

Web Development

I am happy to tell you
that 40+ projects done successfully!

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Software Architecture

Architectural design of a software by the requirements / user stories / use cases.

Software Project Management

Managing a software project from planning phase to launch phase.

Software Development

Hands-on software development with high quality, clean and up-to date coding approach.

Technology & AI Consultancy

Guiding you to choose the best technology for your requirements to provide maximum high quality output with minimum effort.

Business & Product Development

Services such as segment creation, market segmentation or strategy planning for your business.

Hands-on Mentoring

As B4MHub, we can lead you to the right direction as your hands-on mentor.

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My Specialties

My Skills

The tech stack that I owned to create innovative, state of the art projects!

.Net Framework / .Net Core


MSSQL & Entity Framework


SOLID Principles


Monolithic & Microservice Architecture


MongoDB & RethinkDB NoSQL DBs


Docker & Kubernetes



Ege University, Turkey

Proficiency: Deep Learning, Machine Learning

Ege University, Turkey

Proficiency: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Ege University, Turkey

Proficiency: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Work Experience

AI & Smart Technologies Consultant 2018-2019

Gorilla Softworks is a company that aims to create AI based games.
My responsibilities are;

  • Guiding the team about the correct technology and algorithms to create agile and consistent AI backbone for the Game Engine
  • Modular architecture design and implementation to create an independent AI Engine for Game Development

Software Project Lead at UNIT LLC 2012-2017

UNIT IT is a company that builds tailor-made custom solutions for the customers (i.e. project management tools, process management softwares, document management or CMS tools, CRM applications, etc.)


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